By mmiandu, February 1, 2017

When you think about farming, you think about simpler times. Plant, grow, harvest. But in reality, the life cycle of a field involves numerous activities throughout the season: tillage, planting, fertilizer and chemical applications, eventually leading to harvest. During this period, tractors, sprayers and combines pass through the field collecting large volumes of digital information: Applied seed, product application rates, fuel consumption, engine load, elevation and yield. Stotz Precision Ag technicians help farmers understand the data and maximize their output to grow profitability of their farms.

This brochure simplifies the process of ag data to assist in explaining to the farmers of what the system gives them. With the printed brochure, we wanted to show the technology through the imagery and we thought it would be really cool to finish the piece with a magnet latch to close the brochure.

(Oh, we thought you would enjoy seeing how we put it together.)